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S2E5: How Should I Hire Someone During The Pandemic?

It's a great question, right? And we certainly hope you're in the position to hire someone during the Pandemic.

But several new concerns and questions arise around everything from the job description (What should you say about working remotely? Or safety concerns an applicant may have if the job is on-site?) to the interview process (What questions can you ask and which may violate new or existing laws?). And can you require an applicant to be tested for COVID?

So many questions come up and our very own Legal Information Guide, Vanessa Chang, joins us to share all of the research she's done on the topic.

And, in this week's "Caught Doing Good" we're featuring an art gallery/tattoo shop in Kentucky (wait til you hear why!). Learn more about them at

Want to learn more about how to pandemic-proof your business during this time? Visit:

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