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S2E16: Which 2020 Business Trends and Issues are Here to Stay...

Looking back over 2020, we wanted to wrap up our second season by sharing the most valuable nuggets we've uncovered over these last several months that could both provide insight in to protecting your business as well as some topics to think about as you GROW your business (despite the uniqueness of this year).

Both Harmony and Ginny took some time to think about their biggest nuggets of wisdom they found this year, the business trends they see sticking around, and the biggest takeaways they have for you, our listeners.

Enjoy and here are the episodes they referenced if you'd like to go deeper into any given topic.

Episode 2: What To Do if an Employee Tests Positive for COVID?

Episode 13: 7 Big Questions We Keep Getting About Doing Business Right Now

Episode 7: How Can I Secure Funding During the Pandemic?

Episode 9: How To Stay Funded During the Pandemic

Episode 10: Can Insurance Be a Business Life Saver?

Episode 6: What Do I Need to Know About Marketing Online?

Episode 14: What About Online Privacy Concerns During a Pandemic?

Thanks again for joining us this season! We look forward to serving you up some great content in Season 3!

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