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S2E4 - Now That My Business is Online, What Should I Know About Privacy Issues?

COVID has opened our eyes to the importance of businesses having an online component.

But if your business is new to the online world, you may be wondering "What do I need to know about doing business online?"

Great question! We've got you covered. In this week's episode, we talk about the very important issue of online privacy. Over time, legislation has supported the notion that businesses (and the access they have to their users/consumers information) have a responsibility to protect their users' privacy as it pertains to transactions that happen on their site. Pandemic Response Team member and Legal Information Guide, John Alec Stouras joins us today to share the research he's done on this increasingly important topic.

In our weekly Caught Doing Good segment, we wanted to feature a couple of businesses that are using their platform to help support black-owned businesses: will be introducing a way to search for black-owned businesses.

Uber Eats will be waiving their delivery fees for black-owned restaurants for the rest of 2020!

And if you'd like to find more information on how to support black-owned businesses, we encourage you to visit:

Want to learn more about how to pandemic-proof your business during this time? Visit:

Grab your copy of the Lucy Report today! In response to today's environment, we are making access to it FREE for a short period of time.


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