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S2E2 - What To Do if an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19?

As an employer, what are your legal requirements regarding employee health? And if (heaven forbid) one of your employees starts showing symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive, what does the law require you to do to ensure privacy but also maintain a safe working environment?

In this week's episode, we discuss this topic with legal information guide and member of Legalucy's Pandemic Response Team, Shelby Matsumura.

We also reveal which small business was "Caught Doing Good" during this trying season.

Additionally, we share some great news about a now-free resource created just for you: the small business owner who wants to not only survive but thrive in the post-COVID-19 world.

To learn more, visit:

And, a for a limited time only, to access your copy of the Lucy Report for FREE, visit:


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