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Episode 9: How to Rein-In Stress During Demanding Seasons PLUS How AI Is Already Changing Legal!

How do you handle the stress that can build up during extremely demanding seasons?

In this week's episode, Harmony opens up and shares some of her best go-to tools for keeping stress at bay while building a legal tech company AND finalizing funding at the same time.

This start-up game isn't for the faint of heart but that doesn't mean we need to let stress reign supreme during these seasons.

PLUS, we have the honor of interviewing a Silicon Valley icon, Fred Stein of the Keiretsu Forum in Palo Alto and VLAB.

Both he and Harmony have their fingers on the pulse of how legal and AI are connecting to bring some incredible improvements to the industry (for both lawyers and their clients!) so join us to hear more about these great changes.




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