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Episode 6: How to Handle Chicken and the Egg Problems as you Grow PLUS The Power of Communities

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Tell me if you've experienced this issue... as you're building your business, multiple priorities bubble up to the surface. AND, as you make efforts to address them, you realize how integrated they actually are.

That's what we mean by a "chicken and the egg problem"... which really comes first?

Which one do you solve first?

In this week's episode Harmony shares how she's handling the chicken and the egg problem of building Legalucy which is a marketplace model: and both sides of the market need to grow.

PLUS, in our weekly feature, we interview Ryan Miller, the President of Warrior Rising, a powerful organization committed to help "Vetrepreneurs" (their term for a Military Veteran turned entrepreneur).

Tune in to hear more about a unique collaboration, some GOLD nuggets on productive networking and some thoughts on how to solve your own "chicken and the egg" problem.


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