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Episode 4: How to Adjust When Seemingly Unrelated National News Affects Your Launch Strategy...

In a surprising series of events, the venue where Legalucy hosted its inaugural launch event spent some time in a harsh national spotlight...

In case you're wondering where the event was held, it was a WeWork property.

And while we adore the team there and they've always been so supportive of us and our events, a few items remained out of even their control to help as news came to a head during our launch week.

So, how did we handle it? Listen to this week's episode HERE to find out.

PLUS... we've introduced live-streaming into our strategy and have been using a powerful platform designed specifically for entrepreneurs and startups called Introvoke.

And our special guest this week is their Founder and CEO, Oana Manolache.

We discuss how our live stream events actually went and Oana drops some GOLD nuggets for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the power of live-streaming as they grow their businesses.


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Break the Roles:

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