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Episode 3: When to Shift Priorities & Maximize Momentum PLUS How to Work Effectively w/Remote Teams

Building a company from the ground up can ask a lot of its founders... priorities tugging at you from all sides.

BUT, it can be very helpful to take a moment and think through which priorities will help you gain the most ground in different seasons.

In this episode, Harmony talks about shifting priorities from building the platform and getting customer feedback to capitalizing on funding season.

PLUS, we talk with Roman Rodomansky who leads a software development firm in Ukraine that Legalucy has contracted to build and expand the platform.

Today, we discuss a couple of golden best practices around working with a remote tech team: How to make sure everyone is on the same page and when to ask questions and clarify.

Want to learn more about Legalucy and what it can do for you and your business? Check us out at

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