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Episode 15 - Building a Business During the Holidays PLUS Powerful Innovations in Legal Tech!

What happens when you're working hard on a project and then the "real-life calendar" which includes the Holidays and family and even some time off collide?

In today's episode, we discuss that tension and a couple of ways we manage all that needs to get done.

PLUS, we have an incredible guest Rob Christopher.

Rob is the Founder and CEO of JustResolve. In his 36 years as a business litigator, including as an attorney at Hopkins and Carley in San Jose, it became apparent to Rob that the U.S. adversarial system of justice, while the best in the world at dealing with high stakes disputes, is shockingly inept at delivering real and efficient justice in limited-stakes situations. His company has developed a simple, judge-driven method that preserves the best elements of the courts and popular alternatives while cutting out process that is wasteful and unnecessary.

Don't miss this powerful episode as we wrap up 2019!



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