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Episode 14: A New Take on Listening to the Market PLUS A Rising Tide Really Does Lift All Ships

In this week's episode, we cover a lot of ground!

First, Harmony shares an amazing story about an incredible introduction - and why we think it was meant to be!

Plus, as we're on the journey to grow Legalucy, we've felt a strong call to up-level... But in a way that initially surprised us both.

SPOILER ALERT: This business journey will always ask us to up-level our game in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways.

PLUS... We interview the incredible Vito Scarnecchia about community, go-to-market strategies for scalable companies, and how the real secret for success is closely tied to your team.

Vito is a business marketing expert, a real estate broker, a U.S. Marine Corp. Veteran, and a “rising star” in the world of entrepreneurship. He’s in the early stages of launching his next venture - a startup to help small business owners called Jet Office 360.


Jet Office 360:


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