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Episode 10: The Power of Consistently Showing Up PLUS A Salute to Veteran Entrepreneurs

Are you working on a project that's either taking longer than you thought it would or is asking a lot of you during this season?

If so, this episode is for you! Harmony shares some amazing doors that have been opened as a direct result of her consistently showing up (literally and figuratively, too!).

PLUS, our special guest on this Veterans Day episodes none other than Ryan Micheletti, the Co-Founder and COO at Vet-Tech, Co-Founder and CFO at Shield Corps Security, and the Director of Global Operations at Founder Institute.

In our discussion, he shares great advice for Veterans who are looking to transition into a civilian job (but the advice is SO GOOD it applies to anyone looking to make a shift).

--> Special Offer for Our Veteran Listeners: Did you know Vet-Tech offers a fellowship to attend the Founder Institute? It's true! Check out to learn more.


Think Outside the Firm:


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Shield Corp Security:



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