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Episode 1: When Surprising Distractions Come Up PLUS When Should You Start Thinking About Equity

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Without exception, it'll happen... You're focused and working hard on a list of ever-growing priorities that demand the best from you. Then, without warning, something that doesn't FEEL as important pops up and demands your attention.

How do you handle situations like this? Legalucy founder, Harmony Oswald, shares a humorous story about how this happened to her just this week and how she handled the surprising distraction.

PLUS... our special guest, Managing Attorney at The Law Office of George R. Bravo and Legalucy Advisory Board Member, George Bravo digs deeper into a sincerely important question:

When should founders start thinking about equity?

He gives a very clear explanation of the benefits and shares some questions that founders would be wise to ponder.

Links mentioned in today's episode:

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Harmony Oswald, U.S. Army Veteran, Member of the CA Bar, Founder & CEO, Legalucy, Inc. -> How to Secure a Lead Investor in 30 Days

Ellie Ahi, Chief Technology Officer, Legalucy, Inc., Angel Investor, Keiretsu Forum -> Spot and Secure Inventions in Tech Dev.

Wendy Ryan, Founder & Principal, SJ Leadership Coach, Lead Investor, Legalucy, Inc., Angel Investor, Golden Seeds -> Becoming Fundable: Here's What Investors are Looking For in an Early Stage Startup

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