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S2E10: Can Insurance Be A Business Saver?

Have you considered the fact that your business insurance could be a lifeline for you during these times?

In this week's episode, we're diving into a lesser-known asset pretty much all businesses have... insurance. And depending on your policy, you may have access to additional resources.

Grab your policy and listen to this week's episode to learn more.

To discover all of the resources mentioned on this podcast and more, visit:

In our Caught Doing Good segment, we're excited to feature iFixIt, a startup focused on helping hospitals keep their devices up and running by distributing medical device manuals and other related documents since repair services are having difficulty keeping up with demand right now.

To learn more, visit

Want to learn more about how to pandemic-proof your business during this time? Visit:

Grab your copy of the Lucy Report today! In response to today's environment, we are making access to it FREE for a short period of time.

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