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Transforming the Heart of America, small to mid-size businesses, into highly fundable, savvy companies - ready to VET THE LENDER.

      Business ownership in a competitive and fluctuating economy can be very expensive, with only a small percentage of business owners reporting launch costs of less than $50,000. Over 27% of small business owners report a hefty price tag of between $250,000 and $500,000 to get their company going. Smart business owners must be savvy about what TYPE of funding to use, and VET THE LENDER, since all lenders are not created equal.

      This season, Think Outside the Bank will be turning YOU into a highly fundable, savvy company - ready to VET THE LENDER! First, we’ll help to ensure your business is set up for funding success through de-risking, getting clear on the amount of funding you need, cleaning up your credit score, analyzing your debt to income ratio, time in business, and more. 

      Next, we’ll explore various TYPES of funding like SBA loans, leases, heavy equipment funding, used equipment funding, larger loans, business expansion funding, grants, and business plan competitions, to help narrow down what makes sense for you.

       Then, you’ll become EMPOWERED, learning how to vet the lender’s technology-efficiency rating, reputation, terms, fees, timeline, and collateral requirements to carefully select a lender that WORKS for you.  

We're focused on empowering the Heart of America! Now, let's get started to VET THE LENDER.

-Ginny and Harmony

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Think Outside the Bank co-hosts,

Ginny Townsend and Harmony Oswald, in San Jose, CA.

Update posted 1/13/2024:

Great news! lucy technologies was selected by NASDAQ for their 2024 cohort (learn more HERE) and we are currently restructuring our content. We're very grateful for 3+ successful seasons! Thanks for listening to Think Outside the Bank.  

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